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Industrial processes and manufacturing plants typically need to log real-time data from various stages of the operation. Traditionally this has been done at plant-level, using local data storage inside a DCS, PLC or a dedicated Industrial PC. Data from a number of sources can be aggregated into a special database called a Historian for archiving and analysis.

Now, with the advent of the IIoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives, things are changing. Instead of collecting data and aggregating it at plant level, the data is forwarded directly to a managed cloud service over a secure connection, making local storage unnecessary.


Fig 1. Industry 4.0 is based on real-time remotation of plant and process data into the cloud.

This real-time remotation of raw plant data offers a number of advantages in terms of security, flexibility and accessibility across the enterprise.

UNIQLOUD is an integrated suite of software utilities and hardware modules designed to implement the vision of IIoT and Industry 4.0 in real-world situations in manufacturing and processing plants. It works by providing a seamless infrastructure for harvesting data in real-time from plants and processes, and forwarding this data over a secure communications channel to a managed cloud database. Here the data can be processed, analysed, shared and archived, in a more secure and controlled environment than can typically be achieved with local data storage. By using the AMQP and MQTT standards, UNIQLOUD provides total flexibility in the choice of managed cloud services. UNIQLOUD is available on all ASEM devices which run the Premium HMI software, such as HMIs and Industrial PCs, and also on the UNIQLOUD Industrial IoT Gateways, for interfacing directly to PLCs and other devices.

Figure 2 below shows two typical application scenarios. On the left hand side of the diagram, the UNIQLOUD Runtime is installed on ASEM devices such as HMIs and Industrial PCs. The UNIQLOUD Runtime works in conjunction with ASEM’s Premium HMI (PHMI) software. UNIQLOUD Runtime receives data from Premium HMI and stores it on the cloud database via the services supplied by the cloud platform. UNIQLOUD Runtime is compatible with cloud services from a range of suppliers, giving the user total flexibility.

UniQcloud ASEM

Fig.2 Showing UNIQLOUD implementations on ASEM devices via the built-in UNIQLOUD runtime for Premium HMI, and on non-ASEM devices via a separate UNIQLOUD gateway.

For situations where there is no ASEM HMI or IPC present, a range of IIoT gateways is available, as shown on the right-hand side of Fig. 2.

ASEM ubiquity hmi

Versions of the ASEM IIoT gateways are available which also provide remote assistance and monitoring using the UBIQUITY software.