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Premium HMI 5

The new era of HMI

The Premium HMI 5 software platform is a powerful programming environment for the creation and development of graphical user interfaces and includes the ‘Premium HMI’ development tool and different Win CE and Win 32 runtime versions.Premium HMI 5 is also a platform with open architecture that allows integration of third-party software components.

Cross platform is the strong point of the system, as it allows the use of the same project with Win CE and Win 32 runtime, without any modification in the development tools. For the Win CE operating system, two runtime versions, Basic and Advanced, are provided, while for Win 32 operating systems there are three versions: BASIC, ADVANCED and PRO.

BASIC versions include all the features necessary for the development of an HMI project with a limited number of variables.

The PRO versions are suitable for the development of more complex projects, where historicization of production data and alarms on local or remote databases is required.

The ADVANCED versions add a Web server function that makes the HMI project remotely accessible and allows to send SMS or e-mails in case of alarm.

The full control of the hardware technology, communication and software platforms has enabled ASEM to develop and propose high-end, but easy to use, HMI solutions, with features and performance to satisfy all the demands of the new HMI era.


  • Unique programming tool for all the platforms with automatic adaptation at Runtime of the screen size to the display dimensions
  • Projects fully reusable amog the platforms ((x86/ARM) and operating systmes (Windows CE, Win32/64)
  • Tag import from controller programming software
  • Vector graphics with automatic adaptation of screens to display size
  • Wide selection of library objects with support for embedded VBA script to support animation and enhanced features
  • Historical and real time trends
  • Visualization of historical data in table and graphical format
  • Integrated web server to provide remote access and control
  • Support connections from Premium HMI Mobile Applications (iOS, Android) for remote control
  • SMS/email for alarms
  • Storing of historical data in local or remote database via ODBC
  • Audit trail of variable change with log of changes including value history and operator
  • Project encryption and data protection with password
  • Supports design of projects compatible with CFR21 Part 11 regulations
  • Sophisticated user management and password handling
  • Network connection of HMI with client/server architecture
  • VB Script and VB.NET scripting with multithreading execution, on-line debugger and a rich set of interfaces
  • Openness to integrate OCX and ActiveX components
  • Wide range of communication drivers for the most common industrial controllers including OPC client
  • Multiple communication protocols with data transfer between them
  • Multiple languages support limited only by available space on memory
  • Full support for standard TTF font, including Unicode and Far East languages
  • Export/Import in CSV foramt of language strings tables, tags, alarms and historical data
  • Integrated on-line simulator for complete project testing before deployment on target
  • Remote debug of the application with on-line project change, no need to re-load the complete application
  • Project transfer from panel to development environment