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Custom Solutions 

ICP Computec provides a customisation service (Custom Light or Custom Full) to meet the most
specific customer requirements and specifications, whether they are hardware (mechanical
or electronic), firmware or software.

Custom-light solutions

Custom-light services provide different levels of customisation of standard products in the catalog:

aesthetic custom-light, such as:

  • removal or substitution of the ASEM trademark with a label showing the brand and/or logo of the customer;
  • customisation of front film with silkscreen printing of client brands and/or logotype;

mechanical custom-light, such as:

  • personalisation of the shape and/or thickness of the front panel;
  • customisations of keyboard layout on front panel;

electronic custom-light, such as:

  • creation of a different backplane;
  • addition of communications interfaces and/or modification to the standard configuration;

The customisation described do not involve structural changes to standard products, and meet the
typical needs of OEMs and System Integrators who want to offer their own solutions to the market
with a homogeneous representation of the brand. Custom-light solutions can be implemented relatively
quickly and for low volume.

Custom-full solutions

The custom-full services include the creation of new platforms and solutions based on client

Custom full services include the following development activities:

mechanical custom-full

  • creation of a new mechanical solution, also with plastic parts, that uses existing electronic
    cards and/or motherboards;

electronic custom full, such as:

  • development of new motherboards and/or electronic cards;

complete custom-full, such as:

  • development of a new system or solution that includes the design of plastic and mechanical
    components as well as electronic cards.

The activity of custom-full normally involves a subsequent production, also delayed in time, a total
amount not less than one thousand pieces.

  • Hardware Configuration Service available, covering Processor, Memory,
    Storage, Communications and mounting options
  • Software Customisation and Installation Service available, covering BIOS,
    OS / RTOS, Device Drivers and Application Software
  • System Integration Service available covering Interfacing with 3rd-party
    hardware, configuration and testing
  • On-Site Installation Service available
  • Extended warranty and support options available on request
  • Training
  • Consultancy

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