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Manufacturer: ASEM

All HMI solutions, X86 and ARM based, integrate the software platform Premium HMI, that provides transversality, scalability and portability
of projects between Win32/64 and WinCE operating systems. To increase the added value of entry-level solutions, on  the HMIs based
on WinCE, ASEM includes Ubiquity, its software platform for remote assistance.


ARM Cortex A8


ARM Cortex A8


ARM Cortex A9

HMI40 / HMI2150

Discover all the functionalities of our Premium HMI 5 visualization platform, the innovative
solutions for remote assistance UBIQUITY and all the NETcore® X communication cards.

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Ubiquity Inside
Premium HMI 5


Alu: aluminium | INOX: Stainless steel true flat | Plastic: Plastic with Polycarbonate | Desk: desktop mount | WALL: wall mount | DIN RAIL: DIN rail mounting | VESA: 75/100 VESA compatible
| ROLEC: Taraplus compatible | RITTAL : CP-S series compatible | PXA: Intel® PXA270 | LX800: Geode LX800 | ATOM: Intel®ATOM Z5XXP | Cel: Intel®Celeron | CelM: Intel® Celeron M |
P: Intel® Pentium | PM: Intel® Pentium M | P4: Intel® Pentium 4 | C2D: Intel® Core 2 Duo | C2Q: Intel® Core 2 Quad | MiniPCI: MiniPCI bus | PC/104plus: PC/104Blus bus,PCI compatible |
PCI: PCI bus | PCIe: PCI Express bus | AGP: AGP bus | UPS: uninterruptible power supply. | RID: redundant power supply | CE5: Microsoft® Windows CE 5.0 | CE6: Microsoft® Windows CE
6.0 | WES: Microsoft® Windows Embedded Standard | XP Pro: Microsoft® Windows XP PRO Sp3 | W7: Microsoft® Windows Seven Professional FES 32/64bit | Res 4: 4-wire resistive touch
screen | Res 5: 5-wire resistive touch screen | GFG: Glass Film Glass touch screen