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Ubiquity Remote Assistance

Ubiquity is a software suite which includes:

Ubiquity Runtime: It is a software service that runs on remote devices to allow remote access to the device itself.
Ubiquity Runtime is available for ARM and X86 architectures, both on Win 32/64 and WinCE envi-ronments.

Ubiquity Control Center: It is the client software installed on the technician’s computer. It allows the management of the domain resources and registered devices, allows to connect to a specific device, to instantiate a VPN, to manage remote serial ports, and to use interactive tools as remote desktop, file exchange, etc.

Server infrastructure: It provides authentication and access control in a safe way. It also supports the handshake between Control Center and the Runtime. The infrastructure takes care of Control Center users identification, Runtime discovery and reachability of the same from Control Center. The infrastructure is geographically distributed and provides redundancy, fault tolerance and high per-performance.

Ubiquity Domain: It is the customer account hosted on the network infrastructure and it is logically made but a group of devices, users, groups of users, fire-wall policies and permissions.


• UNIQLOUD Support (UNIQLOUD Domain and Storage, use and management)
• IEC 62443-3 and German BSI certification renewal
• Support for UBIQUITY Routers with LTE modem
• Generic improvements on UBIQUITY Router systems
• UBIQUITY VPN for Android mobile devices
• Concurrent access to remote systems without license, with BASIC mode features

Access Download Area

Industrial VPN

Ubiquity’s VPN is different from other VPNs because it works at data-link level. This has several advantages:
 The remote supervisor effectively joins the remote network and acquires an IP in the physical address range.
 The remote supervisor can use protocols based on UDP broadcast.
 No need to reconfigure the gateway of remote devices. They can still be accessed remotely because the remote supervisor has a compatible physical IP address.
 The VPN traffic monitor allows a complete control over any data flow across the connection, including IP addresses involved, protocols, MAC addresses and occupied bandwidth.

Industrial security

Ubiquity is a certified product compliant with IEC 62443 norms about secure industrial communica-tions.

Remote serial communication

Ubiquity can create for you a virtual serial port on the Control Center PC. This serial port can be mapped to a physical port available on a remote device running Ubiquity Runtime.

 It enables remote management and diagnosis of serial devices by using software installed on the supervisor PC.
Remote desktop

Ubiquity includes an efficient service for desktop access of the remote systems. Remote desktop support PC with multiple monitors and supports the com-plex Windows Server systems scenarios providing access to individual RDP clients sessions.

File exchange

Control Center embeds a file exchange tool to let you easily upload and download files, software updates, logs, etc.

 No need to open unsafe shared folders or install and configure FTP servers.
 Secured (it is encapsulted into Ubiquity’s encrypted tunnel).


Control Center e Runtime include a simple chat.

 You can often avoid using telephone to communicate with remote operators thus saving costs.


A single Runtime accepts multiple incoming connections from remote Control Centers, both VPN and interactive sessions (desktop remoto).
A single Control Center can connect through multiple interactive sessions and to a single VPN to a remote device.

 Improved productivity because multiple people can work remotely on a single installation.

Access rules

Ubiquity let you create different users, groups of users, groups of remote devices, each with different access rules and permissions.

 Ubiquity can let different profiles to work remotely, in a secured way: administrators, power-users, third parties, limited users, ecc.

Statistics and audit

Ubiquity implements a sophisticated tracking mechanism for all account administration activities and all the details of any actions carried out during each remote assistance session.
Administrators can access the full logs with details of all activities.

Automatic updates and notifications

All systems are constantly monitored and updates are immediately made known through a notification mechanism. Updates are programmable within specified time frames and are executed safely without any form of assistance required from the remote site.

No configuration required. Compatibility with existing firewalls.

Ubiquity’s clients automatically discover the local network topology and can always let you perform a remote connection if some kind of outgoing Internet connection is given.

 No need to require special firewall configurations from end users. Simple outgoing connectivity is required: Ubiquity automatically discovers and uses available TCP or UDP protocols, HTTP/HTTPs/custom ports.

Compatibility with existing IT policies.

Cloud based connectivity

Your Ubiquity domain is hosted on the cloud. This architecture paradigm let you enjoy high availability and data safety.

 Everywhere you are, you can run Control Center and access your remote machines.

Full supports for Windows embedded platforms

Ubiquity Runtime is available for these platforms:
 Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 and 64 bit)
 Windows XP Embedded and Windows Embedded Standard
 Windows CE 5.0, 6.0, Windows Embedded Compact 7.0

Ubiquity Runtime can be pre-installed on ASEM’s PC and operator panels.

Control Center

Windows Software to access and manage the Ubiquity services and connections

 Supports a Level 2 VPN towards the remote PC and the connected Ethernet devices
 Remote serial connection
 Remote desktop with support for multiple monitor devices and RDP session when Runtime is on Windows Server systems
 Tool for remote files exchange with resume
 Remote task manager with process monitoring and termination options
 Hardware identification and operating system resources monitor
 Remote desktop Screenshot
 Visualization of audit trail for administration and session activities
 Management of users database, remote devices, access profiles
 It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 e 2012
 Includes an SDK interface for proper integration with externa applications
 Requires .Net Framework 4.0


Software service executable on remote systems to make them accessible through the internet

 It supports systems with any number of Ethernet interfaces, includes a multi client VPN server level 2 (data-link)
 It can be activated automatically, manually or directly using any applications, includes API for integration with extenal applications
 It allows checking the status of connection and access logs and performing remote operations
 Very low memory and CPU occupancy
 It permits to avoid the installation of VNC, FTP server, folders sharing, PLC development tools, etc.
 It supports Windows CE 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 (ARM, X86), Windows XP, XP Embedded, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 and 2012
 It requires .NET Framework between 4.0 and 4.7.1 (Windows XP SP3 or newer versions) or .NET between 2.0 and 3.5 (Windows XP SP2 or previous versions) o .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (WinCE), CPU 500 MHz or higher, RAM 256 MB (CE) or 512 MB (XPe)

Network infrastructure

Replicated and redundant servers on cloud based network infrastructure

 Enables the secure connection between the supervisor and remote PC with no configuration of firewalls and NAT
 It allows managing an unlimited number of devices and users, configurable with different profiles and access groups
 It uses a connection with TLS / SSL 256-bit AES, RSA 1024-bit industrial encryption
 It allows the direct end-to-end connection between the local PC and the remote system for optimal performances
 Includes the relay server infrastructure for the end-to-end secure tunnelling
 Possibility to install own server infrastructure on Windows Server and SQL Server, also within scalable replicated configuration, fault-tolerant, load balanced (available soon)