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The ASEM standards

for Panel PCs and Monitors

ASEM has defined the standards for Panel PC and Monitor families to
guarantee its customers maximum flexibility, greater safety and the
continuity essential in the industrial automation market.

A unique CUT-OUT for each different size of LCD to ensure:
Interchangeability among different Panel PC and Monitor families
Future mechanical compatibility
Front panel available in four different variants for all new families:
Aluminum with USB port
Aluminum True Flat with USB port
Stainless steel True Flat
Aluminum True Flat with retroprojected capacitive multitouch
Isolated Power supply with galvanic isolation to prevent:
Common mode noise at low/medium frequencies on the power supply line
Ground loop noise
Extra-voltage caused by lightning
and to guarantee
Power supply with grounded positive terminal (e.g. Japan)
UPS integrated in the internal power pack
With external battery pack – rear of the system mounting
With external battery pack – standalone wall mounting
ASEM System Identity
Non-volatile memory for system identification data storage

Aluminum with USB port

Aluminium True Flat with USB port

Stainless Steel True Flat

Multitouch P-CAP